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Master Certified Groomer

I am so very excited to announce that I will be moving into my very own shop at the end of October 2016!  It has been amazing working at Dobi's Pet Store, however, it is time for me to create a space that is all my own and cannot wait to continue serving Fort Qu'Appelle and area in my new shop!  

I have been grooming professionally since 2011 and in that time I have seen seen almost every breed of dog, many of which were in a breed standard cut.  I have spent a lot of time with difficult/aggressive dogs as I love to see how they can change and grow with the help of a caring groomer.

My grooming career has mostly been spent in Regina and was very fortunate to be apart of the grooming school there to spread my knowledge of animals, but also to keep me up to date and on my toes as far as quality of groom.  As I have since moved to Fort Qu'Appelle I did have to give up my time at the school, but am so happy and excited to serve my community.